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Treasure - Sonic Fan Art Created by Knockabiller

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Here’s one of my older pieces. I think I posted it already, but I don’t remember. I’m glad to say my art style has improved greatly since this was drawn, thank god. 😂 @ask-anti the thread reminded me of this

antisepticeye cryotic darkiplier fan art jacksepticeye markiplier viruscry

Sooo… Tumblr apparently decided that yesterday (April 9th) should be the (in)official international OC day. :3 Well, this is Orahkkagrath. “Orah” is a warrior in the Salamandrian army, and self-proclaimed BFF to Y’gythgba. She’s a bit big-boned, not too bright, and she sucks so bad at close combat that someone decided to give her a fricking blaster instead (of which she’s very fond...

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Playing around some more with Procreate, my iPad Pro’s drawing app. I wasn’t sure what to draw for practicing with the app, so I asked @auroraldream what Chibi Usa icons she would like to have more of, since I am a fan of her Chibi Usa role playing and I’m very comfortable drawing Chibi Usa. She said she’d like to see more Lady Serenity, Neo Sailor Moon, and kissing, so I gave those a s...

auroradream chibi usa fan art helios sailor moon