RT @jswilliams1962: If your name is Jim, you get 10% off of your gym membership #FakeWorkoutFacts

You can burn 2,000 calories for every five minutes spinning in your office chair. #FakeWorkoutFacts

RT @Robin46_2: #FakeWorkoutFacts Everytime someone goes to the gym & doesn't brag about it, an angel gets it's wings.

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RT @Simbra75: Eating spinach while working out will give you bigger muscles #FakeWorkoutFacts https://t.co/bHmqTi2aZt

RT @DavinDuhamel: The more people you tell you do CrossFit to the more effective it is. #FakeWorkoutFacts

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during your sleep dream cycle burns as many calories as the exercise in your dreams. #science #FakeWorkoutFacts

RT @KeshaTedder: #FakeWorkoutFacts An Apple a day keeps the gym away.

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If you attend my comedy show---you will lose weight and get ripped. #FakeWorkoutFacts by your tix online at https://t.co/jVULa1MNwt

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RT @maxpick: #FakeWorkoutFacts Calories consumed on a treadmill do not count. https://t.co/cJkUEWJ9de

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Leaving sweat on the machines for the next person has salt in it which kills germs. #FakeWorkoutFacts