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“The moment I discover you, you shine more radiantly. I’ll be the lucky one” ✨ Take pictures with your big head now because who knows I’ll see you in 2-3 years 💕 #exo #exocomingsoon

exo exocomingsoon

I think i’m getting a little bit warmer this winter cuz of EXO comeback posted on Instagram -

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🌸YouTube | 2018.10.16🌸

▪️KKB: 377,238 ➪ 180M
▪️LMR: 707,674 ➪ 100M
▪️Growl:1,958,476➪ 180M

🌸YouTube | 2018.10.16🌸 ▪️KKB: 377,238 ➪ 180M ▪️LMR: 707,674 ➪ 100M ▪️Growl:1,958,476➪ 180M ▪️OVD: 2,029,000➪ 180M ▪️Lotto: 3,162,794➪ 100M @weareoneEXO🌸 #EXO #EXOComingSoon 🌸

exo exocomingsoon

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2018/10/4 EXO Twitter update . #DONT_MESS_UP_MY_TEMPO 자켓 이미지 공개 (Ver. Allegro) 🖱'DON’T_MESS_UP_MY_TEMPO’ 예약 판매: 2018.10.04. #엑소 #EXO #weareoneEXO #EXOComingSoon . . 11月にカムバなんだね(〃艸〃) あと1ヶ月もあんじゃーん。なーがーいー•́ε•̀٥ このワクワクドキドキをあと1ヶ月もwww 楽しみで発狂しそう...

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