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There is just too much hotness in this picture. Ed and Example hanging out with some Aussie ball players in December.

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What is #Love?
what is #happiness?
ye questions out...

* #chalo_life_ko_piyar_ka_tarka_lagatay_hain* 👇👇👇 *What is* * #Love* *?* *what is* * #happiness* *?* ye questions out of syllabus hain 😭 Mai nay kabhi yaad nae kiay * #ps* *meri post kabhi sanjeeda nae ho sakti 😔 so* * #bardasht* *me ok ?* Now listen * #Love_and_happiness* Meray according love and happiness dono ka link aik cheez say hota hai and it's #care :') *if u love someone ...

achasorry bardasht* care chalo_life_ko_piyar_ka_tarka_lagatay_hain* continue* dun example halli_walli* happiness* khaaaair love* love_and_happiness* ps* romantic socho_kitnay_khush_naseeb_hain_wo_jin_k_liay_hr_azan_pay_hr_namaz_mai_dil_say_dua_nikalti_hai* tooooo ufff*

Have a picture of the greatest guy ever *My expression when someone is bitching about me*

elliot elliot gleave elliotgleave elliotjohngleave example exampleisgreat expression great great pictures guy love picture this

example Just wanna give a huge shoutout to this dude. Such a huge part of my career. Right from the very start. I think you had me as a guest on your old evening show about 7 times before my music blew up in 2011 after years of graft. Always been honest with me. Always told me when I was being a c**t. Shared a lot of hilarious moments. I know we don’t see each other as much as we used to but ...

also im example including his photos with gryles and boomshaw in this post lol example final show this is sweet