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“Dead Waifu General” More Flask from Endtown Dodging Amesworth radiation beams. If you’ve been to the 4chan thread you’ll get the joke.

endtown flask

When your favorite author acknowledges your existence

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Last batch of Endtown doodles I’ve done between hospital visits. I might just stop doing these for the thread. Accusations of ‘circlejerking’ usually lead to some smart asses calling the mods on people to ‘purge the threads of *fags’. Last thing I need is to be banned again for drawfagging like I was in 2007.

endtown furry

some iffy beatboards for visual storytelling

??????????? beatboards endtown furrys????? porocora
Chochi’s “Alli” from Endtown

Chochi’s “Alli” from Endtown

I came across this at Chochi’s gallery ( ) when I got those kitties and thought it looked awfully interesting. The “pun” (if you can even call it that) is a stretch at VERY best. Chochi drew it about 2 years ago and even then admitted it’s about the worst pun ever created. I refuse to let it be forgotten and he should be punished and shunned fo...

alli alligator girl anthropomorphic chochi endtown furry lizard scalie shiny

I did it. I read through all of Endtown in two days. It’s pretty good.

endtown this panel on co was what grabbed my attention

Also because I was asked about it, yeah, due to popular demand I’m gonna slowly move to SFW works form now on. There still will be pinup or two..? But SFW later on only.

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And now for doodles and sketches from the other /trash comic - Endtown!

anthro endtown furry holly hollister mouse mydraws sfw for a change

“Tie your Obi in the Front” I’m posting these in reverse chronological order. So this is more Endtown art. I have a ton of fan art I draw, and girls in Kimono is something I don’t indulge in nearly enough. (My aesthetic is basically girls in Kimonos with overly elaborate firearms, but I never draw it because I didn’t figure that out until just now....

endtown flask holly kirbee

WIP ALERT. This is Holly, from my favorite webcomic of all time “Endtown” by aaron neathery. Just making her for fun. I just really love her design and color scheme which I’ll eventually paint in when I’m finish with the sculpt (still far from finished).

3d modeling aaron neathery anthropomorphic cartoon comic endtown furry personal wip zbrush

This is the worst endtown development I would have even preffered Marx showing up to magic up a solution