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Have a Picture from the Power of the Force Convention last year :D We did a little spontaniously Hera/Thrawn Shooting. It was fun and I really like some of the pics :D Hera by: Lau Skypainter Cosplay Thrawn by: Me Photo by: Switch Edited by: Lau Skypainter Cosplay

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Empire: “The Lady Doth Protest” episodic photos (1 of 2)

empire empire fox episode 407 photos by chuck hodes season 4 spoilers
Alfons Maria Mucha . - . 1860 Ivančice, Moravia, Austrian Empire (present Czech Republic) - 1939 (aged...

*Alfons Maria Mucha* . - . 1860 Ivančice, Moravia, Austrian Empire (present Czech Republic) - 1939 (aged 78) *Prague, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia* *"The four seasons by Alfons Mucha, ca. 1895"* "Four panels each depicting one of the four seasons personified by a woman. Lithograph by Alfons Maria (aka Alphonse Marie) Mucha, printed by Osgood Art Colortype Co., Chicago, between 1880 and...

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“I'm just gonna raise my head. Welcome to the final edge. And I'm gonna fall. I'm just gonna raise my head and hold you close. Like the empires of the world unite. We are alive and the stars make love to the universe. You're my wildfire every single night. We are alive and the stars make love to the universe” Shakira - Empire

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