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The genius himself . My mind definitely wandered

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“Whoever you’re with, it’s important that you are inspired. Be it growth emotionally, spiritually, mentally or artistically. This is a must.” #Malanda #quote ❤😍😚 #OverlyXclusive #ElusiveMetaphors

elusivemetaphors malanda overlyxclusive quote

Inspiration. Words from the great Malanda.

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“I value God sent relationships. That love me through firever and space kind of love.” #Malanda quote from #ElusiveMetaphors

elusivemetaphors malanda

“i don’t care, her space is warm. winter is non-existent when her mind is a space i could sleep in every night. her mouth, is a revolution with a scratch table for a heart. we breathe intimacy. our fingertips trace jawlines and tongues move in secret of open apartments.” elusivemetaphors

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