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the lovely @achillean-rose commissioned me to draw and color their PRECIOUS ren lavellan very much fun coloring this babe, very different from how i typically draw my elves so it was a nice change!!!

achillean-rose commission dragon age dragon age inquisition elf fanart m!lavellan my art ren lavellan

It’s a #JaredHugginLeto-ful Life! Merry Christmas to all & LETO bless us, every one. // jaredleto Edited to note that Mew from “Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy” (aka the best 30min made for TV in the 80s muppet special about toys that live when humans aren’t around and like get suuuuper-depressed when a new toy comes to the home on Christmas morning and like some of the toys die b...

babydoll charlie brown christmas christmas vacation christmastime elf happy holidays how the grinch stole christmas i love this so much it's a wonderful life jared leto jared leto memes jaredhugginleto jim henson letomemes merry christmas muppets christmas carol national lampoons christmas vacation the christmas story the christmas toy tiny tim

Only two characters for the redesign challenge this time cause I didn’t have place for more on the paper I drew them. Also I won’t post more of those for a while cause I need to work on other stuff too! Redesigns [part 1] [part 2] Karenn I have no clue how old anyone is in this game but I see Karenn as a teen so I dressed her as such! I like her better like that! Also gave her Nevra’s s...

character design eldarya eldarya art eldarya ewelein eldarya karenn elf fan art fantasy creature karenn really needed new clothes omg the poor thing my art not super happy with ewelein color palette but eh! redesign vampire

Mini Nox sketch in Ewelein’s outfit. Lol

bemoov bemoov game ciralak eldarya elf fanart gardienne my art my arts

I drew what I think the boys from the newest campaign of Nerd Poker look like! This is Bodhi, Twee and Tom Diretto. I’m SO excited for their new campaign! The Nerd Poker podcast was the reason I got into D&D in the first place so it holds a special place in my heart. If you wanna listen to this campaign go here - For their older ones head over here...

barbarian bard bodhi brian posehn dnd dungeons and dragons elf half-orc nerd poker nerdpoker nerdpokerpod rogue teifling tom diretto twee

Still just drawing Warcraft stuff between work. I love the wild races of Warcraft - but I can draw pretty elves too! Twitter | Instagram | Artstation | Deviantart

blizzard bloodelf burgerstick elf fantasy illustration innkeeper ja. moonguard roleplay silvermoon warcraft world of warcraft wyrmrest accord

A master’s study of one of my favorite artists: @sootysheepart. My attempt (top) is of her original sketch (bottom) that she completed of another artist’s character on twitter. The character belongs to TheScarletDevil. Please, visit their pages below for far more amazing content. https:/...

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