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Mulla tuli jotenki hämmentävä olo ku näin tän. Tää siis on joku Suomalainen “helmi” elokuva. Mut näytti kyl enemmänki joltai porno elokuvan kannelta. Tai ei sillee mut toi nimi on vähän… En uskalla hakea enempää tietoa tästä netin kautta. Joku voi vaikka tarkistaa mun historian ja tota. Nii. Hakusana Espoon Viimeinen Neitsyt ei vaan käy.

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A Kiss to the Palm — Hannah’s eyes slid closed, and she leaned into the touch with undisguised pleasure. Her face was a little too warm under Barbara’s palm, and heated further when Barbara’s thumb smoothed over the tiny brown freckles dusting her cheeks and scoop of her nose. She was beautiful in the warmest, most touchable way. If she were a book Barbara knew the lines by heart, ev...

and i was like and it featured a kiss to the hand and then this happened barbara barbara x hannah but soon.... eh fan art hannah hannah x barbara i saw the appeal after a conversation little witch academia lwa so like theneonflower what happened was they sent me the diakko fan art by neon

Sorry I haven’t been super active, I’m episodes behind in dr3 and I know spoilers will be all over here

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i just thought to myself WHY NOT DRAWNING LIKE ALL NIGHT LONG so here he is, the wastelandfell paps with lots of poor shading and DAT SCARF as well aslo still obsessing with the wfl!AU (even tho its not updating anymore) and BoRdErLaNdS… almost 700hrs in the BL2 ;_;

eh for the love of god undertale in 2018 game gave i dont sure about borderlands tag i mean lotta tagsss papyrus undertale still love this gave so much so why not undertale wahatever wastelandfell wastelandfell papyrus