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Please enjoy these Ghosbusters images I had on my hard drive.

ecto 1 egon spengler ghosbusters janine melnitz ray parker jr

the super form thing turned into an actual series of rgb super forms so here, have a super form that’s even more of an 80s abomination then egon’s base form he has lightning powers :3

egon spengler elwynn.png eye strain eye strain * eye strain / real ghostbusters super form the real ghostbusters

London Film And Comic Con 2013 Dr. Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz - Ghostbusters ———————————————- You can find more photos at

aitchkaycee cosplay dr egon spengler egon spengler fnc ghostbusters janine melnitz lfcc winter london film and comic con wlfcc