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Como se tocan las manitos, creen que uno no va a darse cuenta. 😤😤😤

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Do you guys remember my boy Edgar Allan Poe? Or just Edgar xD I finally made a proper darwing of him and he looks fine!! He greets all of you and you can be sure that I will draw him a lot more xD Btw I was inspired to draw him while playing Monster Prom (and got rejected for the 10th time or so) and I just adore the style so I wanted to try it!

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(Eyyy there ya go. These are hardly standards I’m going to enforce in my own or others’ work, but for those who wanted a reference like this, hope you’re into it. Always remember, much as Boris may now resemble current canonical Boris, he’s still designed based on his original glove-less, burly-chested model, since I designed him before the update. I wonder how many fans even remember t...

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Edits Of The Wonderful Guys Made By Me!

Edit Made By Me.

Hope You Guys Like Them.



Edits Of The Wonderful Guys Made By Me! Edit Made By Me. *Hope You Guys Like Them.* *Tags:* #pewdiepie #markiplier #jacksepticeye #septiplier #jelix #pewdieplier #collab #youtube #youtubers #maya #edgar #squad 《 *Follow For More Daily Posts!* 》

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