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Please enjoy these Ghosbusters images I had on my hard drive.

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Ladies and gents and those who don’t identify as any. I introduce to you. Ecto-1. so this is a redesign for Ecto-1 from my Ghostbusters have a Transformer au. I think i did an even better job on this one than most of my other ones. so basically she became a transformer after the ghostbusters (1984 version, so in the Ghostbusters prime universe) find a glowing crystal the alspark and they we...

art is a gem au where the ghostbusters have a transformer ecto 1 ecto one not my best description but i'm proud of how she looks. ocs okay to reblog transformers
2015-01-18 12-30-27 - IMG_1811

2015-01-18 12-30-27 - IMG_1811

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