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Wonderful Animations from dvdp ( David Dope ) visual chinatown of davidope More unique art on Cross Connect Magazine: Twitter || Facebook|| Instagram Posted by Andrew

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“Davidope / 150331” Tribute Easter Egg Higher quality versions: Ello | G+ | 2x@Dribbble Not wanting to be one to disappoint the Easter Shark, I had to keep designing. It just happens that I was simultaneously inspired to create two new designs based on the work of artists who have improved my life through their wonderful art. A few days ago, one of my first GIF artist heroes, dvdp, posted...

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Escape into a fantasy land of Summer with dvdp​ and 13 other GIF legends

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Up brain down brain up brain down brain up brain

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animated tricky geometry sigital artwork by dvdp /davidope)

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Great Imaginative Animations from dvdp ( David Dope ) visual chinatown of davidope

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animated knot ball digital artwork by dvdp

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A New Spin on the Quantum Brain A new theory explains how fragile quantum states may be able to exist for hours or even days in our warm, wet brain. Experiments should soon test the idea. Check out the awesome GIF @dvdp made for today’s Quanta article!

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