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"Why does the thought of a woman having sexual experiences scare us so much? The answer is simple. Patriarchy fears female sexuality." #dukepornstar  #duke  #pornostars

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Battle Arena Toshinden characters Platfrom: PS One, Sega Saturn, Game Boy, PC Release Date: 1995 Developer/Publisher: Tamsoft/Takara

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Battle Arena Toshinden Screencaps from Battle Arena Toshinden: Card Quest Every Tuesday (until the Queue runs out) will be Toshinden Tuesdays. Because I miss this game… a lot. :P

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For Towergirls: Subtitle Pending Update time guys! Version 1.10 is out. This means Human Princess! The final boss inside Enchanted Tower has been a hurdle for some time. Since our main writer has found work, those left have had health problems, exploding computers, or simply not wanted to write. Further confounding that the original ...

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