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Never trust a duck hunter who cares more about his success than his dog’s.

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A golden puppy playing with a stuffed toy ~ This is my friend, her...

*ADORABLE GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY !* *A golden puppy playing with a stuffed toy ~ This is my friend, her name is Puppy , Said The Golden* The Golden Retriever is a #large-sized #breed of #dog bred as #gun dogs to retrieve shot #waterfowl such as #ducks and #upland #game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named ' retriever ' because of their ability to #retrieve shot game undam...

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Our new flock of Buckeye chicks (10 pullets, 2 cockerels) and 6 straight run Cayuga ducks. The dog crates have been fine brooders. Because I put this one in the dining room for Judas Jr. to observe and interact with, I kept the bulb wattage low. In a cold basement, garage, or outbuilding, they’d need more. The heat lamp was securely zip-tied to the side of the crate through the vent holes...

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