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Today I'm @Siemens in #Munich and this is how schoolchildren in #Dubai visualize @expo2020dubai . With these creative artworks they're setting the bar pretty high, hopefully we can do them justice! @siemens_me

dubai munich

Beneath the dust, there is a straight Maserati Quattroporte (also called 4porte, Tipo AM330). Somewhere in Al-Uyaynah, northwest of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). . تحت الغبار يوجد مازيراتي كواتروبورتي نظيفة! من مدينة العُيينة، شمال غرب الرياض. . From an anonymous follower! #saudiretrocars #retro #vintage #classic #maserati #quattrop...

4porte abudhabi am330 bahrain barnfind classic dammam dubai jeddah khobar ksa kuwait maserati oman qatar quattroporte retro riyadh saudiretrocars sharjah uae vintage الرياض السعودية العيينة كلاسيك مازيراتي
I wish I could say I LOVE YOU to you in 365 different ways every day of the year.
But since I don't ...

*I* *wish* *I* *could* *say* *I* *LOVE* *YOU* *to* *you* *in* *365* *different* *ways* *every* *day* *of* *the* *year.* *But* *since* *I* *don't* *have* *365* *unique* *ideas,* *A* *simple* *KISS* *with* *a* *loud* *and* *romantic* *I* *LOVE* *YOU* *would* *suffice,* *Wouldn't* *it?* ❤💋⭐❤💋⭐❤💋⭐❤💋⭐❤💋❤⭐ #love #amazing #funnygif #miss #beautiful #funnyjokes #k...

adultfun alone amazing beautiful birdsex care dubai funny funnygif funnyjokes gif hotgirls indiansex joke kiss lonely love lovely miss quotes sadshayri seasex sexygirls shyri thaigirls today week wildlife wildsex wonderful

Jamie Murphy, a twenty-two year old model and mathematician who reminisces on childhood and hopeful prospects for the future. Photographed by Doreen Kilfeather. See the feature HERE.

bbg bbginterview boys by girls doreen kilfeather dubai exclusive female perspective female photographer jamie murphy male model
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amazing beautiful beautiful_nature beautifulpictures elephant loveit nature nature_animalslover naturephotography picture sanaian تو حافظ حــــتما_بخـــونید_پــــشیمون_نمیشین خدا خــیلی_خــیلی_خـــیلی_زیـــــبا_است داستان زن زندگی زیبایی سعدی سلام شهریار عشق فاضل_نظری فریدون_مشیری مرد من مولانا مولوی هر_کی_دلش_واسه_حرم_امام_رضا_تنگ_شده_لایک_کنه یا_امام_رضا_بچه_های_پلاس_حاجت_روا_کنَ