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feeling these Santa Ana winds and Halloweenie vibes 🍂 This drawing “Shibari” from earlier this year is still available, btw! DM me if ya want it! #drawlloween #butterface

butterface drawlloween

Day 26 - (serial?) killer Lo Zingaro from ‘Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot’ This movie is AMAZING and he’s the best villain EVER (a wonderful mix of Loki and Handsome Jack)

drawlloween gufart inktober lo chiamavano jeeg robot lo zingaro luca marinelli

30. Skulls and Skeletons. リエーフおめでと! Nothing related to skulls or skeletons tho! Maybe Lev’s body is skeleton-ly lol

10月30日は灰羽リエーフの誕生日 drawlloween drawlloween2016 fanart haiba lev haikyuu!! hq lev happy birthday ハイキュー!! 灰羽リエーフ 灰羽リエーフ生誕祭2016

Drawlloween #30 and 31: The first in-person collaboration between Kyle and I, a Happy Halloween to one and all indeed!!! And Ivy, that’s very big of you. Also, that’s some costume you got there, Ivy! ….Ivy? …..uh…..that is a costume right? Right? ….oh dear

also yes thats a thing she can do collaboration costumes dragon drawlloween halloween it's just never come up itsy bitsy spider ivy hoppendoffer kyle hareison kyle morrison kyle n' ian's kyle's art not just a dragon nothinbunny silly costumes spider transmogrification whenever her comics come out you'll see! you'll all see

Day 13: Alien (Tyr’ahnee) I am doing my own list for drawlloween/inktober/etc. ~ Commissions ♫ Facebook ♫ Patreon ♫ Coffee! ~

alien drawlloween duck dodgers martian queen tyr'ahnee

Drawlloween: Owl be back. Using some inspiration from some winged villains and heroes. Clyde (One-eyed Jack) as Strix.

ace savvy clyde mcbride comic cover drawlloween drawlloween2017 the loud house