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My Pokemon Secret Santa gift from @sexually–frustrated–glasses + a doodle! Thank you so much for this little baby! I’ll raise this timid child to be a successful and responsible adult i promise Thank you for hosting this event @sawsbuckgiveaways​!

doodles flygon flygon is my 2nd fave pokemon i will cherish this baby pokemon pokemon secret santa sawsbuckgiveaways secret santa sexually--frustrated--glasses thank you sooooo much s--f--g

some drawpile junk w/ paint & sunny

cronus doodles kan slyth upload

she’s a lil excited (from this clip)

doodles esther bright fanart lana blake starbound voistly art

We’ve reached 2000+ followers here! Thank you for your continued support!! My name is roketto and I like to reuse jokes from 4 years ago that I made

doodles furutani himawari ohmuro sakurako yuru yuri