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alternative kids of the late 00s sure were something

2007 doodles emo illustration mixed media pandapoppare poppare smoking

humanised Hellios doodles ~

doodles hellios human hellios

Decay Doodles ft ideas for Decay Kids Bella and I should not be allowed to have this cute domestic Decay Au going on. It’s way too cute and fluffy. In fact, we decided to play with the idea of them adopting. 💛 HC T loved carrying Sopho when they were far younger. He’d just wrap Sopho in his cape, put on gloves and carry him as long as possible.

decayshipping doodles especially since i don't want my little sisters breathing that eventually i promise i'll catch up properly soon i'm really sorry about the lack of anything for infinite it's making me feel horrid sophocles light tenebros darkness there's smoke everywhere from the wildfires and tomorrow i have to march around outside??? we're literally told that we shouldn't be outside and yet why?!? ygo gx

Happy Birthday to a man with a heart of pure gold, Jared Padalecki. July 19th, 1982 “Always Keep Fighting.” [Click for better quality.]

doodles happybdayjaredpadalecki happybirthdayjaredpadalecki j2 jared jared padalecki mine my art padappreciation day 2018 tumblr really kills the quality but whatever

So Zi did this thing when we first video chat where he’s just staring at me like a doof and he had this look in his face where he does goo-goo eyes like it was from a fricking manga or something (and I’d look away and hide behind me pillow) XDDD He’s so fricking cute TTwTT So I thought I’d recreate it with a smol comic (ft. his doggo, Moose, who just wants to be noticed :3) Patreon |...

a cute!! blushing boyfriend couple cute daezi doodles gf and bf girlfriend i can't i fricking can't love my ert relationship relationship goals the dork's too cyot omg