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Do Ho Suh Hub, 260-10 Sungbook-dong, Sungbook-ku, Seoul, Korea, 2016 Polyester fabric on stainless steel pipes 116 3/5 × 116 × 51 7/10 in; 296.1 × 294.7 × 131.2 cm Courtesy of the artist and Artsy

cultural identity do ho suh installation korean space

Karma Statue by Do Ho Suh. Karma is an amazing steel statue by Korean sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Suh. The statue presents countless men sitting atop one another while shielding each other’s eyes. The statue ascends into the sky like a human ladder. The design makes one question whether the idea behind it is to present the figure of a man blindly following in the path of his anc...

art do ho suh karma karma statue sculpture

Do Ho Suh chose different pastel shades of fabric to distinguish between the different architectural zones in The Perfect Home II: blue for the domestic spaces, pink for the hallway, and celadon for the upstairs floor and corridor. Installation view, One: Do Ho Suh, Brooklyn Museum. Photo: Jonathan Dorado

architectural architecture bkmcontemporary blue brooklyn museum celadon color corridor do ho suh domestic fabric hallway nylon onebrooklyn onedohosuh pastel pink spaces translucent

“Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home” by Do Ho Suh

do ho suh home seethrough

Do Ho Suh Bathtub, Apartment A, 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA, 2013 Polyester fabric, stainless steel wire and display case with LED lighting 13 2/5 × 59 1/10 × 30 1/10 in; 34 × 150.1 × 76.5 cm Courtesy of the artist and Artsy

apartment cultural displacement do ho suh installation korean space

Do Ho Suh Karma Juggler, 2015 Lithograph 23 ¼ × 29 63/100 in; 59.1 × 75.3 cm Courtesy of the artist and Artsy

do ho suh karma korean movement visualart

Between Spaces (Bogota)

do ho suh

Happy Birthday to artist Do-Ho Suh! Suh questioned the role of memorials and statues with his 1998 Public Art Fund commission “Public Figures”. This installation consisted of a pedestal supported by hundreds of miniature, anonymous male and female figures. This refocused the viewer’s attention from the individual to the masses.

do ho suh nyc art public art public art fund

I can’t quite remember why one of my tutors recommended me to look at Do Ho Suh’s work but I remember being in awe as I browsed through his works on Google images. I greatly admire his installations and sculptural work as well as the philosophy and meaning behind them. His interviews are very pleasing to watch and hearing him talk about his work greatly inspires me. At first, I related to...

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