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Hot dog! What a guy, that Mickey was quite the sharp dresser back in the ‘50′s, and boy could he rock a cane; SUCH CLASS! These lovely designs, by Tom Oreb were featured in a few black and white commercials for Nash, sponsoring Disney. See them in action here! ↴ I just love Mr. Oreb’s sleek style.

1950 commercial dapper designs disney mickey model sheet nash tom oreb

“The Royal Courtyard” Herb Ryman, 1964 Theme parks are always about exploration. Not necessarily about the genre of exploration, but about the personal journey of a guest as they explore each area, attraction, and sight “within the berm.” The concept of “stairs to nowhere” have added layers of depth to these environments, creating locales that feel lushly lived-in and unfabricated....

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Model sheets showing sketches of Aurora by Tom Oreb dated back to April and May of 1954. (x)

aurora model sheets disney disney animation sleeping beauty tom oreb vintage