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FNAF Battle Damage! Charlie thing I sketched out after finishing the novels. I may have become quite attached to the character… Her using Left as a new arm is a reference to the games where her unnamed counterpart is housed inside Lefty. Also her new Anchor Arm is a fun way to punch Afton animatronics and Decepticons! (Some FNAF stuff I do tinker with are crossovers with the Transformers,...

autobot blueikeproductions digitalart digitalsketch fnaf fnaf charlie fnaf lefty fnaf the fourth closet fnafanimatronic sketch

@dualipa 🌸✨ 💕 New artwork inspired by her amazing look at #brits2018 she looks so beautiful and I decided to draw her for a while so here it is. (Please tag her!!!💗) - - - #dualipa #art #brits #brits2018 #newrules #artwork #drawing #sketch #digital #painting #draw #artist #digitalsketch #illustration #digitalpainting

art artist artwork brits brits2018 digital digitalpainting digitalsketch draw drawing dualipa illustration newrules painting sketch

aside from working on a commission here are some doodles so I have something to post here it’s meh for me that’s why I’ll tag these as shitscribble

astra militarum digitaldrawing digitalsketch doodles earltheartist female tau imperial guard imperial sniper imperium of man longlas pencil photoshop shit scribble shit scribbles tau tau drone tau empire w40k warhammer 40k wh40k