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Meet some new lovely (Rammstein-based) boys of mine! (I forgot to post them here asdfgh) They were originally designed by my good ol’ friend nautcious over on dA, but I was allowed to tweak them a bit to my liking uwu Lust is based off of the LIFAD album Bestrafer is based off of the Sehnsucht album Geisel is based off of the Mutter album Here’s some more info on these guys: Lust: Lov...

artists on deviantart artists on tumblr canids canines character design character ref sheet character reference characters digital art digital artwork liebe ist für alle da mutter neigh arts neigh characters ofc i'm gonna make characters based off the albums/songs n stuff rammstein reference sheet sapphirewolf100 sehnsucht sw100 whoops i love this band sm im obsessed wolves

A gift I made for @disillusionist9 of Knight-Paladin Gelebor, the fic she’s writing is so good and i highly recommend it to anyone who loves this man as much as we do!! ((x))

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(Click to de-blur) I took a quick break from working on Asgore, and made the mistake of discovering the amazingness that is Villainous. Long story short, it’s made me super inspired to draw and since no one else seems to have made one yet I’m creating a Swap Au! So far I’ve only got Demencia done - but Black Hat, Flug and 5.0.5 will be following asap! (Because who needs sleep or schoolwo...

505 art artwork au au dementia demencia fanart dementia digital digital art digital artwork digital drawing digital fanart digital painting digital speedpaint fanart guess i'd better leave my stupid comments five tags in from now on!!! ;=w= i read somewhere that only the first 5 tags count when tagging stuff on tumblr oops my aus speedpaint swap au swap demencia reference swap!demencia villainous villainous 505 villainous art villainous au villainous demencia villainous fan art villainous fanart villainous swap au