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Cats Cats, and More Cats 2 - Figure I post this trio up, since all 3 of these are up on my shop together! Which is your favorite? shop links -Bitten Kitten- -Kitten Garden- -Shy Lucky Cat- Support my health needs and check out the links below, every little bit helps out! But more importantly enjoy! My Links

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I wanted to do all the three Azrath brothers, and this is Shaitan, the middle brother! Since I already did Nix (my DnD) character in a fancy outfit, here’s Shaitan also all dressep up for the occasion. He has his family symbol on the jacket and since he’s the commander of the spies and assassins unit in the family, his clothing in general but also the details are fancier than normal. ...

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I’ve been tasked with creating concepts that would fit into the Mass Effect universe (my dream assignment), and here is my first go. A Blood Pack Krogan Shotgun.

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Slowly (very slowly) learning to draw children. Sort of. Of course, Amanda took the picture. I think Star Trek Discovery will kill me, given time!

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July 19th - Kouhai love “I hope I dress up senpai cool enough…” A little comic for @koumi-senpai​ after the drawing he made me~

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