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Okiey I don’t really………. Like Supernoobs But Memnock is super adorable~ The visuals in this show are strange, the voice acting strikes my heart like POISON, pratically all humans are annoying heavy stereotypes and the fact that it’s from the same guy that made Johnny Test……….. Doesn’t help. Still, I might be judging this cartton wrong? LikeI was hating it BEFORE...

aliens cartoon network cartoon talk digital memnock my art negativity sorta? supernoobs

A Second Chance Oh man there’s probs like almost nobody else who cares for this ship… XD Too bad…! Anyway, I’ve started shipping grown-up!Bolt and Sasuke a lil. I’ve got a whole story in my head for how it could happen; if you saw the picture I drew before this one, *that* Sasuke’s situation–where Naruto failed at loving him–is part of it. This picture is from one scene of tha...

adult bolt adult boruto adult sasuke boldrold bolt bolt uzumaki bolt x sasuke borusasu boruto boruto uzumaki boruto x sasuke digital naruto roldarts sasuboru sasuke sasuke uchiha sasuke x bolt sasuke x boruto uchiha sasuke uzumaki bolt uzumaki boruto

Ska Fox A commission for Safiel on FA. I had a lot of fun drawing this guy! Theres a disappointing lack of brightness on my art page.

cell shading cervink cervink art commissions digital foxes furry art hell yeah foxes my art safiel ska ska fox

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR FRIEND CARO!! Better known as @502070 or @route38! I wanted to draw you something Fire Emblem relate but didn’t want it to be of a lord. So I decided to draw Elphin. Caro we’ve known each other for years and even though we only recently got closer, you’re amazing, talented, a joy to talk to and play games with. I’m so glad we’re friends and I HOPE YOU HAVE A...

digital elphin fanart fe6 fire emblem

I Can’t Breathe, Digital, 2014. My response to the systematic targeting of people of color by law enforcement and the systems of indifference and misinformation that are put in place to perpetuate it.

art blacklivesmatter digital eric garner ferguson hugh newell icantbreathe illustrators on tumblr mike brown new civil rights movement tamir rice

Working out of dat art block. I present a tsundere Yian Garuga - - - Edit: Wow! I’ve never had a post with so many notes! :D If you fancy my squiggles, please do consider checking out my patreon at ^-^

art bird digital digital art digital illustration digital painting doodle drawing garuga illustration mh4u mhx mhxx monster monster hunter painting poison tsundere tsundere yian garuga wyvern yian yian garuga yiangaruga

Study - Rom - 6 June 2015 Some coloring practice with the “Water” brush on SAI. *sigh* I think I’ll be drawing this dude whenever I feel stressed and imagine him telling me something inspiring (/*´▽`*\) On my dA

art dump color deviantart digital fictional crush jngsart nonecansee paint tool sai paperfrays practice rom sb69 shingancrimsonz show by rock!! water color ロム

Two drawings I did, one of just Fell Goth and one of Fell Palette AND Fell Goth! ~~~~ Fell Goth belongs to @nekophy Fell Palette belongs to @angexci

art au cute digital digitalart fellgoth fellpalette fellpoth goth paint painttoolsai palette poth sai ship tool undertale undertaleau