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PALMIERO | Fire ring in pink gold with black and white diamonds and sapphires

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Turquoise Diamond is just so extraordinary to the point that she beat Pink Jr.’s gorgeousness. I can say that Pink Jr. mostly got her attitude from White. Like they say, like mother like daughter - or is is like father like daughter? I don’t even know anymore.

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This is Part 3, the last part! Click here for — Part 1 Click here for— Part 2 And finally, this is where our story end- Hahaha no wait there’s still one more page left. Lot of people seem to leave out this last page of the story for some reason.

aiab asleep in a blizzard diamonds evelyn gift art guess cause the original book upload forogot it too gwen i want my hat back my art no really lot of parodies leave out that last page original characters parody regular show oc sorry for the delay thank you veronica