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Day 561 - Darkrai | ダークライ Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. Darkrai, the void terror. Harbinger of nightmares, Darkrai comes from a realm of only pitch-black. Sight is irrelevant in its dimension. Darkrai can become one with the shadows of the universe to travel instantaneously. This includes the vast darkness of space and dark matter. Its signature...

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originally was gonna be a redraw of a super old guro challenge doodle but i got bored so cropped it to just her head

diamond pink scribbles silka

Day 453 - Dodaitose | ドダイトス | Torterra It was once believed that the entire planet was a gigantic Dodaitose. Explorations in the early days of sea travel revealed this thought to be false. Some joke that the entire multiverse is shaped like this earth-shattering Pokémon. (P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, follow to see them! As always, e-mail for inquiries ...

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