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RT @dn_charles: OH. Amazon face-recognition doorbell can be programmed by the homeowner to identify "suspicious faces"??? and can automatic�

RT @JamelleWD: There is software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s mathematically biased against blacks #Data4

RT @albarrentine: At the first #Data4BlackLives, @ruha9 spoke about enlisting algorithms in the Movement, inspiring me to use my open-sourc�


RT @JamelleWD: When people declare “this is just data” or “this is math”. People feel less comfortable calling out its racist impact

Some notes from the incredible #Data4BlackLives conference (as compiled by @_KarenHao and myself). Includes major takeaways, links to resources, social contact info for speakers: #d4bl #Data4BlackLives

Data4BlackLives d4bl

RT @chelseagoodly: “Decisions about data are inherently decisions about who counts” —Important questions to ask as we think about usin