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If I was running a small restaurant, I’d have something where if you show up when no other customers are around and eat somewhere in sight of the street, you get a coupon based on how many people show up for the next 10 minutes you’re seated. Having a completely empty restaurant can be as bad as forgetting to take down the “closed” sign.

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S1162 - Coming Back. This wasn’t meant to be a Valentine’s Day special …. but then again…

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$1 A MONTH GETS YOU DAILY COMICS AND MY UNDYING LOVE Started a daily comic challenge for a year over on Patreon in attempts to make some extra money for a my BIG FIRST EVER move this summer and help with rent there after! Patreons get slice of life comics everyday for as little as $1 A MONTH! Nonpatreons will still be able to see the comics, with these weekly dumps I will be posting here on...

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