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Sooo that

Sooo that"women's breasts are naturally sexual"is garbage,Like you said in the tag,there are places where women go around without hiding ...

yeah, I was really unsure about that. I think I remember seeing that story somewhere on tumblr as well. thanks for sending this! oh and I’m doing well, thank you! :)

I'm sooo sorry I'll get on that right away daidavies omg I just realized that I never finished the ask you sent me a few weeks ago
Omg how do I block

Omg how do I block "korra spoilers?" (SO excited for tonights show now :P)

use tumblr savior!

(you totally should be excited it’s such a great episode oh my godd daidavies

My new tattoo!! #inkstation #daidavies #octopus a different take on the @Himynameismark octopus

daidavies inkstation octopus

daidavies replied to your post: I always feel extremely v… Do you ever get really uncomfortable when you ARE the smartest person in the room? I have that problem, because I don’t wanna make anyone feel dumb… Sounds arrogant, but it happens and then people get real mean… yes, that too. I guess you can’t win either way.