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So far he’s turning out well! Now I just have to spend a billion hours trying to get the hair to look right. Hoping to get at least 2 or 3 of my shades of pink into this hair 8D.

caduceus clay critical role critical role fan art criticalrole grave cleric pink hair ftw so much left to do the meighty nein

#vexhalia and Trinket from #criticalrole drawn at #ECCC . Marker and colored pencil on toned paper.

criticalrole eccc vexhalia

“Welcome to Gimore’s Glorious Goods for all your magical and arcane needs!” (I just wanted an excuse to draw Shaun in a tracksuit)

critical role fan art criticalrole dnd dungeons and dragons myartt shaun gilmore willarts wizarddnd

finally sketched a Vex that i am honestly happy with!!!! love my little girl!!!!!!

critical role critical role fanart criticalrole critter art line sketch sketch vex vex fanart vex'halia

I’ve not been a Critter for that long and I’m still behind on episodes - (about halfway through the Whitestone arc) but Critical Role is ending and I feel the need to show my appreciation in some way no matter how small 💛🌟 #ThanksVoxMachina for everything! #vexhalia #criticalrole #criticalrolefanart

criticalrole criticalrolefanart thanksvoxmachina vexhalia