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This is literally what´s going on for those who don´t know. Some SU fans don´t want bronies near Steven Universe, because they think we´ll ruin it. A fandom that doesn´t let others join? That´s pretty messed up, we just want to like the show and be in the fandom peacefully. Yes, the Gemtlemen thing is pretty silly, we´re not excluiding anyone, it´s just part of the fun. Please reblog ...

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This is not how gender works you self diagnosed wannabe.

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This is the highlight of my night. Please stop me before I destroy my blog.

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a gallon of positivity dumped on my negative ass it stained me real good aside from that,,, BELIEVE in yourself ACCEPT who you are CHERISH every moment you have LOVE yourself because i do :)

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today’s anti cringe culture character of the day is steak guy from don’t hug me I’m scared!

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