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Charles Cullen, 43, from Bethlehem, Pennslyvania, is seen in a courtroom December 15, 2003 in Somerville, New Jersey. Cullen has admitted to killing 40 terminally ill patients in nine hospitals and a nursing home in the past 16 years.

5 More Questions About WAKE ME UP-#literary #crime - Justin Bog

5 More Questions About WAKE ME UP- #literary #crime - Justin Bog

All for fun, I’m providing five more answers in the January joy theme activator, one question for each day of the month . . . These cover January 6th through the 10th and I’m happy to begin thinking of why I wrote something that way, or how I created a certain character, conflict, resolution, scene,…

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I’ve always been intrigued by Hotel Cecil so I dove right into it today. Please do not use without credit.

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15-year-old moll Carmen Martinez doesn’t go down without a fight as she is hauled off by police to Felony Court for the murder of 17-year-old Raul Banuchi.