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Above are images of the marks left on the building of the New Mexico State Penitentiary after a brutal 2 day riot that gutted the prison in 1980. The first image shows marks left by an axe after an inmate was decapitated, and the second image shows burns left on the floor where an inmate was allegedly burnt alive. The riot was a result of the conditions the prisoners were living in at the time...

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Serial killer Joel Rifkin as a baby. Joel was adopted by Benjamin and Jeanne Rifkin when he was only three weeks old. As a child Rifkin was shy, awkward and a target for bullies. Rifkin struggled in school despite his above average IQ, but instead because he was severely dyslexic. When Rifkin was 35 years old he was convicted of the murders of 9 women, although it is thought that he may have ki...

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Am I guilty of killing anyone at all? No I’m not. Unless you could say Dean Corll was a killing. I defended myself. - Elmer Wayne Henley, who aided serial killer Dean Corll with attaining victims, before finally killing Corll when he turned on him.

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Jesse Pomeroy Pomeroy was 14 years old in 1874 when he was arrested for the cold-blooded and brutal murder of a 4-year-old boy. That wasn’t his first act of violence, though; Pomeroy had spent the last three years of his life tormenting other children. His first arrest was for the sexual torture and molestation of seven other boys when he himself was only 11. After that, he murdered an 10-ye...

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- Ya doktor ! Bir insan,başka birini cezalandırmak için hakikaten kendini öldürebilir mi ? Olabilir mi böyle bir şey? + Zaten intiharların çoğu başka birilerini cezalandırmak için yapılmıyor mu Savcı Bey ! Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da / Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

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