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Twin Ports—Four of Five Here we see some more contemporary rail operations in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior. In the first images we see a Canadian Pacific transfer job on the tracks that once belonged to the Northern Pacific. Like the Union Pacific, the CP does not have their own line into the Twin Ports but function here in a land-locked fashion (they also have trackage rights to c...

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A doodle of my bro Satoshi with new ink pens because he is amazing! Cp is amazing

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Flask-shaped pitcher plant (nepenthes ampullaria) Perfect little leaf catchers! 🍃💚🍃

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x Lost Silver playlist for anon. Hope you like it! New Day- Hollywood Undead // My Demons- Starset // Sunset of Your Youth- Cheerleader // Lavender Town Dubstep Remix- Solkrieg // Uninstall- Maskaaki Endoh // Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?- Fall Out Boy // The Phoenix- Fall Out Boy // Centuries- Fall Out Boy // Empty Gold- Halsey // Silver Lining- Hurts // In the End- Linkin Park // In th...

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