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A set of soft, cute black fursuit hands and feet we created for a client. The hands sport black faux suede pawpads and shiny black vinyl claws. The feet have shiny vinyl claws and rubber soles suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. These are comfy to wear and the edges are lined in bias tape for a clean finish. Parts commissions like these are available through email order: lobitaworks@gm...

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Angel by Juby Headshot Photo by Oriol Lamiel Photography

angel angel kof cosplay cosplayer costume girl juby headshot jubyheadshot kof teammexico So yesterday we finally celebrated Halloween 👻❤❤❤. This year we wanted to dress up as comfortable as possible and just have a beautiful night with friends and good music. Maybe some of you know these characters 👻. I always loved the illustrations from Chiara Bautista and I was thinking about creating some costumes of them a long time ago (*˘︶˘*)....

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Photo set of my Cia cosplay from Hyrule Warriors Cia was one of my most challenging costumes up to date and because of that, obviously my favorite. Then again, due to not being able to sit, it’s also a costume I despise as well. Mixed feelings much? Yep. I’m just very proud of myself to achieve this results and that it looks exactly like I wanted. I’m not really a sewing type of person ...

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Take a deep look at a single type of egúngún, a vibrant Yorùbá masquerade dance costume worn to honor ancestors and their living descendants, on view alongside distinctive West African textiles and garments. One: Egúngún opens February 8.

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