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He was next to me for over a year and we became real good and close friends. We have many common things in personality and character. I never have [known] anyone in my life who has so similar personality to my own as his. 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef in a July 10, 2000 letter to one of Timothy McVeigh’s pen pals.

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Mice don’t care about history. Samuel Jones correspondence, 1757-1799 -Sam

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Guy Debord – Original Correspondence with Anita Blanc [1988-1990 …

anita blanc correspondence guy debord

Found a new Correspondence symbol in Sunless Skies!! Wonder what it means…

correspondence me sskies sunless skies
★ how i work around the short comings of the google plus private messaging system ... ★
i've already...

*★ how i work around the short comings of the* *google plus* *private messaging system ... ★* i've already sufficiently stated my displeasure with the non-existent #PMsystem here at G+ ... this is not going to be another rant (if you are interested in one of those you can read my last one here ) ... quite on the contrary ... i'll tell you guys about how i work around...

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I got mail from GoodKidRob! Aw yiss… so fresh it isn’t even in his store yet. In this issue, Rob relives his berry-deprived Cap'n Crunch youth, cries over boys kissing in the park, and calls his bff out as a Cap'n Crunch hater. Fully illustrated with intense colours, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself:

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i aspire to the style of sylvia townsend warner when she was writing letters to her friends, tbh.

correspondence lit sylvia townsend warner