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Rupert discovered today that the sprayer not only spritzes his tongue**, but that it also works as a shower– A very good shower. He was super soaked! **He chases the nozzle around as I spray… He doesn’t want to drink it, he just likes the sensation of the water hitting his tongue.

bath conure gcc green cheek conure he is a stinky bird itchy pin feathers rupert shower super soaked wet wet bird wet borb

Another little conure portrait ☺️ on my Patreon page I talk about my process on this painting plus you can download the PSD file, check it out

bird bird art bird lovers conure digital art digital painting green cheek conure lots and lots of birds pet portrait portrait art

Strawberries ! Her favorite candy. She’s crazy about those red things.

animal conure cute dessert green cheek green cheek conure parakeet parrot perroquet pet pyrhurra sigrinn strawberries strawberry

Those two cuties ! 💙 Luciole & Honey. Lulu is a yellow sided turquoise & Honey a turquoise green cheek conure.

animale animals cjv conure conures couple gcc grenn cheek conure parrot parrots perroquet perroquets preening pyrhurra pyrrhura molinae yellow sided conure