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okay!!! So I’ve just been struggling with legs for a while, and I do know that this entire position looks really stiff, and I’m trying to fix that;; but I butchered the legs/ feet on this drawing bc I’m struggling with them, can you help with those please? also yes she is supposed to have only 3 fingers;; — hi!! this is a cute character!! as it turns out, the problem you’re perceivi...

anatomy contrapposto d-a-artsy-writer mod goji submission

Spent a bit of time practicing tonight. Wanted to focus on working with contrapposto and/ or showing torso in various different angles. Etsy / Facebook / Twitch / Deviant Art / Twitter

contrapposto doodle practice sketch

A little #contrapposto and no safety net. #brooklyn #brownstone (at Brooklyn, New York)

brooklyn brownstone contrapposto