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dimash kudaibergen // adai + daididau singer 2017, china, march 2017

* 2017 contest dimash dimash kudaibergen dimash kudaibergenov onstage singer 2017 song: daididau

AUGURY BOOKS’ OPEN READING PERIOD My friend Christine Kanownik (above) and her friend Kate Angus are doing round-two of the Augury Books Editor’s Prize! They’re super great, their books are super great. Just look how cool Christine is on that steed. Submit! * * * * Augury Books is an independent press based in New York City. Committed to publishing innovative work from emerging and esta...

apparently there is a death metal band named augury augury books christine kanownik contest kate angus poetry

Colin Graham won the pro division at the Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl contest yesterday - you can see why. Blasting air + super tech tricks like the “colin-oscopy”. me on IG:

bigair concrete contest embassyskateboards parachute skateboarding timbrauchmemorial2016 vert

Comic I’m submitting for the contest for League. I think voting goes up in a week.

baddie carry comic contest digital painting ezreal jinx leauge of legends lol noob op sundaycomic support taric

A Vicboys design for @saku-baka Valentine Fischer - Midwife - single - 28 -1.70 / 65 kg - comes from Germany - she has a German accent -Optimist - responsibly - stands for their principles and the becoming mothers - a bit crazy Sorry for my English ,:) I´m from Germany

contest saku-baka vicboys