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Mortal Kombat X: Official Concept of Dark Empress Kitana by Aron Elekes Check out Aron’s blogs for more MKX concept arts: Devianart Twitter

art concept concept art dark empress kitana kitana dark empress mkx mortal kombat x princess kitana

Yakolev VVP-6 Concept Air Defense Helicopter (1960’s) With six rotors, 24 engines, and almost as big as a modern Boeing 777 - the VVP-6 would have carried six SA-1 Guild missiles on the roof, ready to fire, with additional reloads carried internally. Whether such huge missiles, able to rotate 360 degrees and fire while the helicopter was moving, would work at all is doubtful. The VVP-6 would...

aircraft concept helicopter military soviet union vvp-6 yakolev

Nopperabo concept sketch.

concept nopperabo

EDAG Cinema 7D, 2003. A German company who provide development and subconstruction services for automotive industry, EDAG have also produced some prototype vehicles to showcase their expertise. The Cinema 7D was a 7 seat concept with each row of the three rows of seats set higher than than those in front like the rake in a cinema

2003 7 seater concept design study edag edag cinema 7d prototype

Lotus Eterne Concept, 2010. A sports saloon which never advanced beyond prototype stage

2010 concept lotus lotus eterne prototype sports saloon

Forest. One of my favourite things, a moonwell from WoW. Art belongs to me.

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