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Warm oranges and golds, deep hued skies, sleepy mushroom sprouts, autumn is here! Cozy weather in bright fall foliage with your villagers is the most invigorating thing so @kippuu‘s Mayor Ivy and Avery are out enjoying an early scattering of the town’s leaves. So happy that I was able to illustrate a fall piece with two straight-up rad villagers, thank you! A happy fall to everyone!!

ac art acnl acnl fanart acpc animal crossing art autumn avery bat commission example1 fall fanart illustration ivy kippuu leaves mayor ivy new leaf painting seasonal villager

Vampires and Dolls by ChadRocco a.k.a. cr-familiar-faces I commissioned the man to draw these undead cuties (well, Mavis certainly is; the first episode of The Baskervilles makes Fangora’s status as a vampire rather dubious) hugging dolls of their love interests, Jonathan (Mavis’s husband as of Hotel Transylvania 2) and Darren Baskerville (Fangora’s next door neighbor with whom she has a...

art made for me chad rocco commission fangora dracula hotel transylvania mavis dracula the baskervilles

Were-badgerbear for DBTheMighty! Badgers and bears are both very broad & fuzzy so this is a natural lookin hybrid :)

american badger anthro badger commission digital art grizzly bear hybrid iron artist my art sketch were