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Ruby snuck her treats and would do anything to get them, even climb a fridge or bribe a certain hunter to not tell her mother. (Implied and intended Hummingbird (Qrow x Summer) but you can view this however you want.) Do not repost. Reblog instead to support me.

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Rip Mianite Part 1 I wanted to post this a while ago (since I drew this after tom’s twitter posts) but I couldn’t get the gifs to upload. If I get them to work I’ll upload the gifs too…

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We’ve come to the THIRD COMIC! I think this is going well, don’t you think so? If you want send an ask to Damo! :3

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MPdoujinshi ageswap chapter 2 kyaaa….I saw the reigen ova today. so awesome XD Reigen you are such a liar…hahahaha the new manga chapter from MPReigen was online as well. I hope Mob WILL have a part in it too. even after that omake

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