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I tried to do this digitally but it didn’t work. This is Braces!Hamilton by the lovely @bunny-yams! Come hangout over on his lawn!!

alexander hamilton baguette mom look braces!hamilton colour fanart hamilton american musical myart pen

Okay so I recently discovered the absolutely phenomenal ziggyzagz ’s art and was left a shuddering pile of feelings. Seriously, looking at her work just makes me want to draw all day. I wanted to show my love in the only way I know how (since my art is waay beneath hers) by colouring!! *HEAVY BREATHING* I- I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND I COLOURED SANO LIKE SOME SORT OF ANIME BISHIE, MS. ZIGGY !!...

colour fanart i think?? ruthredmond sano ziggyzagz

I got Ephraim and Eirika relatively quick and I’m eternally grateful for them that I have to draw them for more luck o/

art colour fire emblem fire emblem christmas fire emblem eirika fire emblem ephraim fire emblem heroes fire emblem sacred stones sketch

I hope to find more time to do these,I liked the mood in this one. Artist - Ipek Konak

art colour drawthisinyourstyle fashion geometric glitchart graphic illustration ipekkonak scottuminga toronto

Yuima Nakazato boots. Source: Dazed & Confused, April 2011. As seen at

boots colour dazed and confused europe fashion irridescence magazine