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» Hey guys, I’m so sorry for the inactivity lately.. but in this moment I’m really busy.. As I said on tumblr, this month I’ll not posting really much.. 😞 » Anyway, here it is some color palette for yugioh boys. At the beginning it was a simple color reference but i loved to draw in this simple style, and here we are!✨💝 #yugioh #yugiohdm #touzokubakura #ryoubakura #yamibakura #a...

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You know what I’m tired of seeing in the HTTYD fandom? The same eye colors used in every… single… Night Fury… character. It’s always that same shade of blue, or maybe green, and occasionally orange, and I’m absolutely done with it. So, to solve that issue, I made a chart of some potential eye color schemes for anybody to use! Do they fit into canon? Probably not. Are they scienti...

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Soft Sunday - Christmas color palette: pink and gold

Soft Sunday - Christmas color palette: pink and gold

Gorgeous and beautiful #colorpalette. How to use fabulous color combinations – one or more colors in great harmony. Click, browse and share.

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💀✨👽💜 Storyboard sketch taken waaaay too far. I just love drawing boys in makeup. — Read Full-Spectrum Therapy Online Tapastic | Smack Jeeves

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