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taken at the Maratika Cave, Khotang District, Nepal Pictures by TDS (all right reserved)

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PSD #35 BY ANASTACIASGREY - download Reblog if you take please, do not claim as your own or respost this coloring. You can adjust any layer as you wish.

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i got accepted to the kumoricon lite artist alley at the last minute! here’s a big masterpost of all of the patches i plan to have with me, hopefully! i don’t have much time to prepare but i’ll do my best! there will also be some extra shirts and hats! 🌼 as always, if you’re not attending kumori my etsy is open!

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1704 Cape Cod – Mullica Hill, NJ Beds: 3/Baths: 1 $159,000

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Sometimes we think something doesn’t work for us but really we just need to open our eyes and mind to see that they do. #letitflow . A veces las cosas que piensas que no funcionaban para ti en realidad sí funcionan, solo tienes que abrir tus ojos y mente a las cosas nuevas 😌 Deja que las cosas fluyan ✌️ #flow #dejatellevar . . #goodvibes #colorful #coloraddict #walltraveled #liv...

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I dream my paintings, I paint my dreams. (Gosh painting is funn!)

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