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Entertaining one’s guests after dinner has been longstanding tradition that dates back centuries. While today friends and family might gather around a television or play a board game, before the invention of electricity creativity was needed. The Art Latcham Collection holds a number of late nineteenth and early twentieth century parlour game books detailing card tricks, pantomimes, and illus...

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One of the joys of working behind the scenes in the Digital Lab is a chance to see all the new photography as it pours into our asset management system and out to the website. The curatorial assistant in our Egyptian Art department, Kathy Zurek-Doule, was recently working on a photography project related to our very popular Divine Felines exhibition and sent us an amazing batch of amulets that ...

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Undyed Escorial fabrics have arrived! All six of these lined four-fold neckties are now live on The total population of Escorial sheep in the world is 46,000, compared to 40 million merino sheep in Australia alone. Less than 5% of the annual clip of these Escorial sheep contains the rare brown fibres which are used to weave this series of undyed, naturally brown wools...

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Collections. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Pre-Fall 2017.

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Drawings of April 2018 - part 3 Part 1 Part 2 Ko-fi and commission info

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