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Adan Molinos, Andre Fellipe and Rene Maximo by Italo Gaspar styled by me

adan molinos andre fellipe collage colorful colors dress gay italo gaspar male model rene maximo rober dognani

Uinen/Tar-Míriel for the Tolkien Femslash week prompts “Mixed Media” and “Love at First Sight”

akallabeth collage maiar maiart mepoc numenor numenoreans silmarillion tar miriel tar míriel tolkien femslash week uinen watercolour

Ayyyyooo. So I decided to merge THREE of my different collage together to create this! Damien, Celine and Dark. Dark is the middle one if no one can tell though!!! I just thought merging these three would be a cool ideal O: @celine-support-squad @darkiplier-support-group-archive @darkiplierfanpage @mayor-damien-protection-squad @markiplier Enjoy

admin jess celine wkm collage damien wkm darkiplier gamrlinafrye gamrlinafryeart moodboard who killed markiplier wkm wkm butler wkm chef wkm colonel wkm damien wkm dark wkm detective wkm district attorney wkm mark wkm moodboard wkm seer