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The “Mancini Pearls” Sold by Christie’s In 1969 Natural Pearl and Diamond Earrings Supposedly Gifted by King Louis XIV Of France To Marie Mancini (1639 - 1715) As A Token Of Affection.

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“want a prediction of what’s really going to happen at the “if i live” sale? the wool will scratch its way to $3 million; wade guyton’s flaming U will ignite at nearly $5 million; joe bradley’s mess (i proudly and fondly exhibited it in 2002 when they were a piddling $250) will clean up at a cool $1.25 million; jeff koons’ inflatable vest will puff up to over $11 million; alex isr...

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Portrait of a woman, possibly Haseki Hürrem Sultan, called Roxelana (1506-1558), bust-length, in Ottoman costume, with a jewelled headdress

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Queen Josephine’s natural pearl and diamond necklace is up for auction at Christie’s It was formerly in the collection of Josephine of Leuchtenberg, Queen of Sweden and Norway. She inherited it from her mother, Princess Augusta of Bavaria, who in turn likely received it as a gift from her mother in law, Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of the French. Source

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