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Warwick Goble (22 November 1862 – 22 January 1943) Illustrator of children’s books. (Wikipedia) From our stacks: Illustrations from Stories from the Pentamerone By Giambattista Basile. Selected and Edited by E. F. Strange. Illustrated by Warwick Goble. London: Macmillan and Co., 1911.

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Panatang Makabayan (Instructional comic plate) Ink & Photoshop, 2015. The Patriotic Oath is recited as implemented by the Department of Education’s Department Order No. 8, approved on July 21, 1955. The Oath, known as the Panatang Makabayan in Filipino, was revised in November of 2001 by former Secretary of Education Raul Roco. What started out as a class requirement turned out to be the ...

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