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Meet Dex Kidman from Skull-Kids!: A mysterious soulless boy who doesn’t talk much, but has quite a bad smoking habit. He works at the local pub Black Cauldron, looking for a way to get back at the witch who took his soul. This animation took 2 days to complete, and I’m quite happy with it, I used a scene from Cowboy Bebop as reference. I learned quite a lot on how to save time with fast ...

animation art cartoon character character animation character design concept concept art design dex kidman sketch skullkidz

My little entry for this super cool directory – – created by these super cool ladies – Bee Grandinetti, Hedvig Ahlberg and Linn Fritz – for all the women, trans and non-binary people working within the animation and motiongraphics industry where we can submit some info about our work and our own thumbnail including their logo and colour palette.

2d animation cel animation character animation fight scene girl power hammer time punanimation tough girls tvpaint women in animation yellow jacket yino huan

Not sure what’s happening here but I’m excited it’s fall so I made this! *\(^ u ^)/* Please help me make more of these via my Patreon!

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Hunting Hugger Commission for @kina-axian of their character, Kina, hugging the Masked Ringmaster! Check out their webcomic which you can read here – @kinacomics Patreon | Ko-fi | Youtube

animation artist of tumblr character animation circus of freaks commission kina axian kina's adventure

quick lil gif from a story I’m developing with my friends!!

2d animation animation character animation character design eli gif the kno tv paint