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Finally it’s finished !!!!YAY HATATETATETATETATETATEATETATE I hope you guys like it !! Im really proud of this one :3 #/d52zrkk

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Clexa shippers thought they were so smart when Ricky Whittle’s interview about Jason came out bc all of the sudden they were like “I know my PR and that was so a PR stunt” like no shit of course PR was going to be involved. You’re not uncovering some conspiracy. Then they all attacked him bc he didn’t spend the whole time talking about Lexa when the WHOLE POINT of the interview was ab...

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Jadelyn Rph Second Character Graphic: The Socialite✂ Here’s my second character graphic. I made it for a city or town rpg. I used my own gradient, Jaded for it. The font I used was Colors of Autumn, which is my favorite font. Download: Here✂ Enjoy!

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Metallic Blob

Metallic Blob

Playing around with an organic metallic surface. Physical renderer + HDRI Studio + Topcoat #c4d #cinema #phsyicalrenderer #cg #art #motiondesign #3d #organic #render

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There is no realistic way Bellarke can happen with Clarke’s feelings for Lexa. There’s just not. That makes me more sad than I’m able to admit. I remember the time my whole world revolved around Bellarke. How excited I used to get thinking about their potential. How great they were going to be. Then Lexa became the “love of Clarke’s life”, and now Bellarke seems so far gone. I miss ...

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