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Metallic Blob

Metallic Blob

Playing around with an organic metallic surface. Physical renderer + HDRI Studio + Topcoat #c4d #cinema #phsyicalrenderer #cg #art #motiondesign #3d #organic #render

3d art c4d cg cinema motiondesign organic phsyicalrenderer render

Motion study chart for Pixar’s Luxo, Jr. (1986).

animation cg cgi john lasseter lj luxo jr. motion study pixar

Visual Development - These are 2 more rough pieces I put together for the Producer on “DRAGONS: Riders of Berk” for my presentation. I’m playing with composition, mood and story. I chose THUNDERDRUM exiting his cave and STOICK & GOBBER waiting to meet the foreign ship of TRADER JOHANN for the subject matter.

andy bialk andybialk animation berk cartoon network cg character design concept art defenders of berk dragons dreamworks gobber how to train your dragon httyd illustration riders of berk stoick thunderdrum trader johann visual development